Cosmic breakthrough: Physicists detect gravitational waves from violent black-hole merger – Washington Post

Scientists announced Thursday that they have succeeded in detecting gravitational waves from the violent merging of two black holes in deep space. The detection was hailed as a triumph for a controversial, exquisitely crafted, billion-dollar physics experiment and as confirmation of a key prediction of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. It will also inaugurate […]

This albatross has outlived others by decades. And astoundingly, she’s still having babies – Washington Post

Wisdom and her mate have welcomed a new chick at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) For Wisdom the Laysan albatross, age truly is nothing but a number. The 65-year-old bird has hatched a chick at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific Ocean — at least her sixth […]

New Shape-Shifting Polymer Holds 1000 Times Its Own Mass – Watch Out Plastic Man! – Tech Times

A new polymer has been developed that can cause devices to bend at body temperatures. More remarkably, the material can also lift 1,000 times its own weight.(Photo : Adam Fenser | University of Rochester) University of Rochester researchers have announced the development of a new polymer, capable of supporting 1,000 times its own mass. The […]

Overwhelming Percentage of Science Teachers Confused About Climate Change – Newsweek

Overwhelming Percentage of Science Teachers Confused About Climate Change – Newsweek

Fear of Vengeful Gods Helped Societies Expand – Discovery News

Belief in an all-seeing punitive god motivates people to be more charitable towards strangers outside their own family and community, particularly to those of similar beliefs, researchers have found. A study, published Wednesday in Nature, suggests religiosity may contribute to greater cooperation and collaboration despite geographic separation. “People may trust in, cooperate with and interact […]

Ancient Human Ancestor Australopithecus sediba Probably Couldn’t Chew Hard Foods – University Herald

Feb 08, 2016 11:37 AM EST By Russell Westerholm, UniversityHerald Reporter ([email protected]) email (Photo : MH1 by Brett Eloff, courtesy of Lee Berger and University of the Witwatersrand) The skull fossil of a Australopithecus sediba specimen. An early human ancestor likely did not eat hard foods as previously suggested because it did not […]

Jupiter or bust: Juno spacecraft sets course for gas giant – Christian Science Monitor

With explorations of Pluto and Saturn under its belt, NASA is preparing for another landmark excursion, this time to our solar system’s largest known planet, Jupiter. NASA reported last week that the Jupiter-bound space probe Juno successfully adjusted its flight path Wednesday, in a maneuver that secured the solar-powered craft’s course for the gas giant. […]

See an astronaut’s view of Super Bowl 50 from orbit – CNET

While the Super Bowl is a big spectacle down on Earth, it’s a mere speck from the International Space Station. See an astronaut’s view of Super Bowl 50 from orbit – CNET

Study Says Droughts In The Southwest Could Become More Frequent – KERO 23ABC News

A federally funded study published Thursday argues the Southwest is moving into a drier climate, where droughts will be more frequent.  Researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research took data from 1979 to 2014 and identified broad storm patterns linked to wet weather. They noted the three patterns most connected to precipitation have become increasingly rare.  […]

What the Earth will be like in 10000 years, according to scientists – Washington Post

An edge of the Thwaites Ice Shelf in West Antarctica. (NASA photograph by Jim Yungel) A large group of climate scientists has made a bracing statement in the journal Nature Climate Change, arguing that we are mistaken if we think global warming is only a matter of the next 100 years or so — in fact, […]

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